We are one of the regional patches of the California Gourd Society.

Our members are from all around San Diego and surrounding areas.
Our purpose is to interact with fellow gourd enthusiast targeting issues of sharing, education, training and decorating techniques related to gourds.

President - Sherry Hunga-Moore

Vice President - Stacy Day

Treasure - Christina Chrivia

Secretary - Vickie Martinez

Membership Chairwoman - JoAnn Clark

Educational Chairwomen - (Patch Classes) Mary Lou Linton & Maureen Magante-Bigey

Hospitality Chairwomen - JoAnn Clark & Heather Steinman

Publicity Chairwomen - Grace Swanson

Newsletter Chairwoman:  Stacy Day

Historian - Stacy Day

Fundraiser Project Coordinator: Kellie Delp, Sherry Hunga-Moore 

Frenzy Coordinator:  JoAnn Clark

Retreat Coordinator: TBD

Retreat Payments: TBD

GourdStock Coordinators:  Sherry Hunga-Moore, Stacy Day, JoAnn Clark, Heather Steinman, Katie Peters, Elaine Linton, Gayle Shell, Kellie Delp, Donna Rositani

Web Mistress - Chris Quintana, & Elaine Linton

Face Book Coordinator - Elaine Linton

White Elephant Sale Coordinators:  Donna Rositani & Barbara McDermott

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